Recently, my friends Greg and Bruce were headed to the local coffee shop, ReJavanate. Instead of an espresso, they got an eye-opening experience into how hateful Christians can be.

Outside of Planned Parenthood next to ReJavanate, a group of so-called “Christians,” calling their efforts “Operation Save Las Vegas,” were standing outside Planned Parenthood, picketing, chanting, and yelling at people.

In the name of Jesus, they were bringing condemnation, anger, hostility, and hatred.

Greg and Bruce, being the loving Christian men they are, felt the urge to go into the clinic and apologize to the workers and people inside — in the name of Jesus — for the hatred of these so-called “Christians.”

Unfortunately, the image of most not-yet Christians is that of these “Operation Save Las Vegas” dimwits. I’m not even going to go into how wrong I feel it is for these people to be doing what they’re doing — “Dimwits” will do for now.

Every year in the United States, there are nearly 1.2 million abortions. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, there have been almost 50 million abortions.

Instead, I want to propose a solid, simple approach to abortion as Christians.

1. Life begins at conception. To say life begins at first breath is ludicrous to me. Human beings are all in the process of developing. There is never an end. Thus, who is to say that first breath is more important than implantation (7 weeks)? Life begins at conception. Humans are always developing.

2. “The best way to be prolife is to deliver people from the causes of abortion” (Stassen & Gushee, Kingdom Ethics). Those who have not had abortions or ever considered an abortion should only “use words when necessary.” Our actions will always speak louder than words. Instead of picketing, why not provide financial support to young mothers? Instead of yelling, why not offer acts of compassion? Instead of hatred, why not provide counseling and resources about adoption?

3. “A Kingdom-focused church can be — must be — a place in which the scourge of abortion, except in the rarest of circumstances, has no place” (Stassen). Church must not compromise the sanctity of life. Compassion does not mean acceptance. We must hold firm to the value of ALL life. We must preach it from pulpits and provide teaching in classrooms. Honestly, there are many reasons for abortions and many that we can change as Kingdom-minded people. However, fully 20% of all abortions are done by MARRIED COUPLES! This means, these people are just eliminating life because of the inconvenience.

4. A Kingdom-focused church should provide the means, resources, and support to back up their teaching. Basically, churches must be refuges and resources for people considering abortions. There are an infinite about of reasons behind abortion. Financial instability. Mental instability. Economic disparity. Lack of adoption resources. Crisis situation. The church must seek the meet the physical, emotional, and mental needs of young women considering abortion.

5. Prolife but anti-law? I don’t think so. I used to be Prolife, but anti-law — meaning, I want life to happen, but ultimately, it’s up to the person and the government shouldn’t oppose it. However, God has changed my heart in this regard. If 1.2 million lives are being ended by abortion, it’s time to promote laws that make it difficult for abortions to occur. We don’t scream bloody murder at the government attempting to protect others through speed limits, but people will scream lack of freedom when we impose laws to prevent abortion. Give me a break!

What are your thoughts on abortion? What are they influenced by? How are we helping those who help babies to be born?

Last, one of my great friends and one of our youth ministry leaders, Nancy Korten, supports and works for an organization called “Living Grace.” Essentially, it is a home that provides housing and resources to young women who commit to having their babies. This is GRACE IN ACTION! Nancy is providing the exact way Christians must respond to abortion.