Fight or Flight?

“Right now, I am storm-tossed. And what am I going to say? ‘Father, get me out of this’? No, this is why I came in the first place. I’ll say, ‘Father, put your glory on display.'”

This passage, found in John 12, hammered something inside of me yesterday.

Jesus is debating the classic fight or flight scenario.

Things are tough.

Life has turned unfair.

People are wanting to kill him. People are criticizing his actions.

He’s poor. He’s homeless. He’s predicting his eventual murder. He’s struggling with whether to carry out his mission or flee (perhaps…).

Then, he says these beautiful, manly, tough and faithful words. I can imagine Jesus throws up his hands, looks around, and says, “What am I going to say? Father, get me out of this?” Heck no! “This is why I came! Father, it’s time for you to put your glory on display!”

Immediately after Jesus says this? God speaks. Says “I have glorified it and I’ll glorify it again.”

This is a powerful scene in Jesus’ life and frankly one I’ve skipped over in the past. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this spoke to me yesterday.

At times, I wallow in my own self-pity. The job is hard. I don’t see growth like I desire. My expectations aren’t meeting reality. I don’t have as many friends in Vegas. School gets stressful. Life isn’t going exactly as I planned.

You start doubting. You continue crying inside. You debate the flight instead of remaining to fight.

But God told me otherwise yesterday. THIS IS WHY I’M HERE! THAT GOD CAN PUT HIS GLORY ON DISPLAY!!

Often when God wants to get a message across to me, he does so through multiple venues. In correlation with reading this passage, I also watched this video. Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village, an awesome church in Texas, recently had a seizure on Thanksgiving at age 35. They found tumors in his frontal lobe and he is facing surgery the day after this video. It’s an incredible story and FIGHT decision by a pastor I can only hope to be as faithful as someday.

Watch it here.

Finally, I ask: Whatever your situation, whatever your circumstance, whatever your life scenario, what are you going to do? Let God display his glory through your weakness? Let God reveal his strength through your suffering? Are you going to fight or flight?

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