Community, Motivation, & Accountability


I’m an introvert.

To determine your extrovert/introvert nature, the question is simple: Are your more energized/rejuvenated by being with and around people or by yourself?

For me, I need to charge/power up for several hours to be with people for one hour (ish).

However, I’ve noticed something lately: God’s been changing my heart. The more I grow in an intimate relationship with God, the more I crave authentic, deep relationships with people.

Furthermore, I’ve found that I increase in motivation when I’m around like-impassioned (not just like-minded) people. When I’m around people who possess a passion for life, I’m energized. Preferably, that passion is directed towards Jesus, but frankly, it doesn’t matter.

Trust me, I motivate myself through reading and introspection. But more and more, I’m finding I am motivated more completely through community and relationships.

I’m realizing this is a part of my central DNA. We are called to walk together in life. Being an introvert only fulfills so much.

Last, God has been hammering home the concept of accountability. Accountability is truly a proactive, preemptive approach to remaining strong in faith and action. Honestly, I’m rarely tempted to sin, but I know how incredibly important it is to find someone who holds you accountable to a higher standard of living. As soon as we think we’re invincible, that’s when darkness gains footing.

Today, I’m thankful for my wife who provides so much of this for me. She is my best friend and I love her so much.

I’m thankful for the few authentic relationships we’ve found in Las Vegas. Although we are still praying for more community, I’m thankful for the people we do know.

Last, I’m praying for an accountability circle. Actually, more than that. I’m praying to find a circle of people who walk together in community and life, holding each other to a higher standard of living in love and hope, and sharing the joys and pains of the journey of life.

One thought on “Community, Motivation, & Accountability

  1. This was beautifully thought out and written. I stumbled here looking for an image of the double helix. But the Universe ( G*d) works in ways to help us attune, to all life.
    I would add one thought to what you have said ” We are all ONE. Connected, part of G*d, so when you offer up your prayers for accountability, and for a circle of people, know that you already stand inside that circle, and when you resonate with your own accountability, you will attune those around you as well.”
    thank you, peace and blessings in abundance.

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