A Young Woman’s Thoughts

Written by our very own Natalee Graham. She gave this talk at our Youth Sunday during worship services. Needless to say and read for yourself, this talk was inspiring and literally brought people to tears. Read and enjoy…

Every once in a while a commercial will come on the television advertising a worship cd. Pictures flash across the screen showing a group of adults with eyes closed, raising their hands. Now imagine, this same commercial comes on, but instead it shows high schoolers, or even junior high students. Would it suprise you? It isnt something people see very often.

Watching young people worship is unlike anything else. They are focused. Happy. Comfortable. Uninhibited. They belt out the words as if no one else is around and raise their hands as high as possible. They connect together, and sway arm in arm whether they know the person next to them or not. They clap and dance and choreograph actions to go with the lyrics. For them, worship isnt a chore or a habit, its a celebration. On the outside i admit, this celebration looks ridiculous, childish, and maybe even a little out of control, but if you are a part of it, suddenly you get it.

For a week every year, a group of us get to worship with some of our best friends. Leadership Lab is almost indescribable. I can show you pictures and tell you stories, but trying to capture the feeling that fills centenial hall is hard. A room packed with people from different places and best of all different age groups, come together twice a day to worship. Everyone is together, singing along, clapping their hands, bending backward, and walking like an egyptian. Its only one week, but i think i can speak for all of us when i say we spend the next fifty-one looking forward to it. Even though it is my personal favorite, I know Lab isnt the only place where that can happen.

Worship at soaked was probably the most suprising experience. I had grown accustomed to my friends worshiping, so I dont really think much of it, but to watch the newer and younger students get wrapped up in their own moment was quickly becoming one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. I dont know if it was the words, the feeling, or the atmoshpere, but something clicked. People cried. People laughed. They all danced and sang and didnt care what others were doing. They had their own experience. It was a small room, but I think it made a big impact.

So the next time you see us going “higher than the mountains” or singing about a friend like you…and you, and you, and you, and you, it isnt all fun and games. we’re worshiping. just as if we were standing, with arms high and heart abandoned.