Why NOT Jesus?

In a world that seems to be losing its’ mind, why NOT Jesus?

Check out the mess going on in China in this NY Times article.

Ethnic Clash in China

Ethnic Clash in China

How about the chaos in Sudan? Or Uganda? Or Honduras? Or Vancouver, Canada? Or Mexico City, Mexico?

The world is in turmoil. It always will be.

So I ask. Why NOT Jesus?

For those who don’t know, if Jesus were Han Chinese, he’d intentionally go chill with the Muslim Uighurs. If he was an Uighur, he’d go hang out and offer peace to the Han Chinese. If he was living in Honduras, he’d say: “You know what — Leave what is to the government the government’s business. We need to follow a greater King and live in a greater Kingdom.”

If he was living in Vancouver, he’d go hang out with the families of the drug cartel members. He’d just get to know them. Offer them hope. He’d try to love them and offer them stories of a better life.

If he was at the G8 Conference on the global climate, he’d offer advice, saying: “If any kingdom, any group, any G8 is divided against itself, how can it possibly stand?” He would be harsh about their inability to agree on certain greenhouse gas emissions and say to them “you are just CARETAKERS of this place, not the owners, so act accordingly.”

If he was living in the midst of this:

Bombing in Afghanistan

Bombing in Afghanistan

He would try to console those whose lives have been decimated by bombs and violence. He would cry with the victims and stand in protest of those who choose violence over love. He would say that a greater Kingdom is at hand and you can live in it only if you follow His words.

Most of all, he wouldn’t try to offer solutions to the misery and turmoil of our world. He would stand in the gap. Always. Offering hope. Offering stories. Offering love. He wouldn’t be able to fully explain why the world is the way it is; he would simply live among the turmoil and chaos.

So I ask: Why NOT Jesus?

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