The Quiet

The Quiet

Hi. My name is John Alexander. And I’m a Quick-A-Holic.

The first step is admitting we have a problem. Let’s face it people: Most of us are addicted to fast, to quick, to instant gratification.

And when we don’t get or find it? We move on. We find the next best thing. We think the thing we were searching for was a failure. We think: I can’t possibly waste my time just sitting here! There are things to do. People to see. A schedule to fill so I can appear important and popular.

People super in-tune to the greater movements of life and God are those people who know how to be still and chill. No, not to a point of laziness and lethargy. In a different way — the way where you can sit and enjoy a sunset with your wife; the way you can embrace the questions and tensions of life without NEEDING an answer; the way you can not be watching television, listening to music, reading a book (filling your life with noise); the way you can simply just be in the PRESENT and not be in the memory or the anticipation of life.

God is working on this in me. I am guilty of feeling like it is a waste of time to just chill and be immersed in the silence of life. I feel like there are books to read, things to know, and difference to make. But God is teaching me there is so much to learn, so much to grow into, and so much to hear when you are still. Quiet. Present.

May God give you and I the ability to chill. May He let the quietness of our hearts boil into so much more than we could imagine. May God give us the ability to wait and to listen. May He give us the enjoyment of living in the PRESENT moment.

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