Church in Mission ~ Monday (Day 1)

In Monday’s class session, I thought the statistic about 95% of Galileans living in poverty was insightful. Also, I am very curious to see in upcoming sessions about how Jesus’ message was different than previous revolutionaries of his time. Last, as I have finished 4 of the 6 books (plus The New Christians),  the “Kingdom” concept was not new to me. However, I found it insightful how we can’t control or define the Kingdom, but we can join in the advancement of it and lean into it.

ReJesus ~ Deeper in Christ (Soaked Talk #3)


Soaked Deeper

John 14:4-6, John 3:16, 1 Cor. 2:9


windowslivewriteramin-13860laminin-thumb3 The red pill or the blue pill. One equals a life pursuing what the world tells you to pursue. The other equals a life devoted to Jesus. What pill do you choose?

This scene from “The Matrix” is a perfect example of what Jesus offers you. You can choose the blue pill. This pill will lead you where the world tells you to go. Be mean to your friends. Pursue money. Be successful. Find a hot spouse. Make sure your kids are great at everything. On and on and on it goes.

The other pill equals Jesus. This life equals a totally different pursuit. Pursue service. Pursue humility. Success equals serving others. Success equals devotion to a higher power. Success does not equal money, job, or anything else. Success is determined by Jesus.

Tonight, you are going to make a choice. Jesus, in John 14:4-6, says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. Anyone who wants to see my Father must come through me.”

Growing up, I was often told you worship what you spend the most time with. Do you spend the most time trying to be cool, trying to make friends, trying to be successful, trying to be popular, or do you spend the most time getting to know Jesus? Do you want the blue pill of the world or the red pill of Jesus?

Let’s pray, because this is an incredibly important talk tonight. We are going to discuss the difference in pills and what it means to ReJesus your life.


Bear is our dog. Bear is a puppy, but my goodness, he’s got an obsessive personality. His current obsessions are three things: Pillows, rocks, and paper towels. He will go back to those things no matter how many times we tell him no or give him a “timeout.” On and on and on. Obsessive. No matter how many times he gets in trouble, he just doesn’t learn.

Aren’t we like that a bit? I mean, how many times in history have we attempted to live a life apart from God and keep getting burned by life? The bible is FULL of people attempting to live their lives apart from God and failing to find life. At one point, the author of this book called Ecclesiastes says: All of life is MEANINGLESS. It’s like CHASING THE WIND. You just aren’t ever going to really catch it. And this author had money, he had lots of hot wives, he had land, he had success, he had power, and at the end, he said it was ALL MEANINGLESS.

That’s the blue pill. Time and time again, people in history and currently pursue this blue pill and they end up with meaninglessness.

The blue pill life is this:

On the outside, things seem well. People may have money, a family, and a nice house. Inside, they are dying. They are depressed, unhappy, and addicted to more success. When it doesn’t happen, they are devastated. Everything they’ve pursued is meaningless.

The blue pill life are the kids who make fun of other kids so they look cool. The blue pill life is attempting to be popular at the expense of changing who you are.

The blue pill life is drinking alcohol just to be cool.

The blue pill life is smoking weed when you are peer pressured into doing so.

The blue pill life is trying to make yourself look prettier by not eating or purging your food.

The blue pill life is being mean to your friends because that’s what you think will make you cool.

The blue pill life is not being nice to the kid in the corner who is alone.

The blue pill life is cutting yourself for the brief rush of excitement.

The blue pill life is empty. It’s meaningless. It’s like “CHASING THE WIND.”

But like Bear, we all go there, don’t we? Time and time again, we go there. That’s okay! You are NOT ALONE! Every day, I have to receive and take the red pill and do everything within God’s power to not take the blue pill!

But like that refresh button on the internet, we constantly have to be pressing it. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. And luckily, we have a God, we have a Jesus, who lets us do that. To take the red pill, you have to ReJesus yourself time and time again.

What’s the Red Pill life?

Ah man, I didn’t even write this down. I can just talk to you.

The red pill life is totally getting to know Jesus.

Jesus is a revolutionary, a empire-rattler, a wild man.

Jesus died on the cross so he could save you.

Jesus is a hero.

Jesus disrupted the culture and the way the BLUE PILL told him to live.

The red pill life is loving others before you love yourself.

The red pill life is doing something truly extraordinary to help someone.

The red pill life is getting to know how passionate Jesus was about loving people.

The red pill life is about loving even your enemies and turning your cheek.

The red pill life is about dealing with life by faith.

The red pill life is about dreaming big dreams.

The red pill life is about donating your money to a good cause rather than buying that new t-shirt.

The red pill life is being who you were created to be.

The red pill life is about putting your arm around the lonely kid in the corner.

The red pill life isn’t concerned with popularity.

The red pill life is about serving your time at a homeless shelter.

The red pill life is AMAZINGGGG!

So how do you ReJesus/Refresh yourself when you keep taking the blue pill?

You pray. You pray. And you pray. I pray for you. All the time. I pray for you. Because the red pill life is so much better than the blue pill life. That’s why I do what I do.

Second, you read your Bible. You see how other people have messed up and how you can not make the same mistakes.

Third, you talk to us. You talk to me. You get real about your problems with the blue pill and you let us help you.

ReJesus. Pray, read, and talk to us. Simple enough, right? It’s more difficult than it seems, but it’s not difficult to start.

Have you guys ever seen John 3:16 signs at football games? What’s that verse say: “So God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son to die so that you may have eternal life.”

God sends His only son, Jesus, to earth, to be born, to poop, to cry, to grow up, to live among the crap of life and eventually get crucified in a brutal, brutal way so that you and I might have eternal life in HEAVEN! Do you guys ever stop and think about how cool that is? Before we go on, I want to tell you something: You have a God-sized hole inside of you. The only way you are ever going to have that filled is by taking the red pill.Let’s watch a video.

How cool is that? Laminin. You have a God-sized hole inside of you.

For years, I chased the blue-pill life. I was left empty. Although I accepted Jesus at age 10, I seriously needed to ReJesus my life. At the age of 21, I was living like a chameolon. You know what chameleons are? They are those lizard things that blend into the background of where they are. I was a chameleon and I was seriously empty.

I ReJesused and I haven’t looked back since. I gave all that crap up. Parties. Women. Weed. The whole blue pill life was meaningless. I finally realized that what Jesus did for me wasn’t worth the blue pill life.

In a few minutes, we are going to take Communion. This is one of the powerful expressions of the red-pill life. Communion is the act of eating together. But it is even much more than that. It’s the act of eating together with the God of the Universe.

This is the God who creates. Let me briefly tell you how cool this God of the Universe is.

WhirlPool Galaxy is 31 million lightyears away from us right now. 31 million lightyears.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He said, Let there be light, and there was light.”

5.88 trillion miles = 1 light year. 31 million lightyears x 5.88 trillion miles.

300 Billion stars in WhirlPool Galaxy. 1 of hundreds of billions of other galaxies in the known universe that God has made.

Is your God big enough yet? This star-breathing God.

Here is a picture of a star that is called Betelguese also known as beetlejuice. This is a red giant star. It is only 427 light years away. It might be reachable by your grandchildren’s great-great-great grandchildren if they could even get up to that speed. This star is twice the size of… care to guess? Not our sun but twice the size of the earth’s orbit around the sun. It is bigger than Jupiter’s orbit.

Let’s take our earth (golf ball) then 262 trillion earths would fit into it. In proportion to this golf ball, this star that God breathed would be the size of 6 Empire State buildings. But this isn’t the biggest star that we have seen that God has breathed.

The biggest star that we have seen—Canis Major or The Big Dog. If you take our golf ball earth, then this star would be in comparison the size of Mt. Everest. 7 quadrillion earths would fit into it. That is enough golf balls to cover Texas 22’’ deep in golf balls. And God breathed this one too.

Now you want to know what really blows my mind? Between scripture and Christian tradition, we say that God created this humongous universe out of nothing. It is called creation ex nihilo in Latin, I believe. Creation out of nothing.

This is our star-breathing God. This is how big God is. This is how mighty God is. This is how great our God is. A God of wonders. A God that Psalm 147:4 says has named all of these billions and billions and billions of stars. He knows them all by name. For His words formed them. He breathed them into existence.

Then I am reminded that God knows our names as well. He knows all about us. God knows us better than we know ourselves.

When I think about how grand God is, I can’t help but gain a different perspective on my life. My struggles don’t seem so big. I don’t want to discount your pain and anguish. But I also know that sometimes I worry more about things that I shouldn’t than I trust in the One who is so much bigger than those issues.

It is this same God that took human flesh. It is this same God that has my name written on the palm of His hand. It is this same God that died so that I might overcome and victory of the brokenness of this world and this life.

The second part of Communion is remembering what Jesus did for us. When Pastor Stoops comes up here and takes this bread, he’ll say something like: “On the night Jesus was betrayed, he took bread and broke it, giving thanks…”

The night before, Jesus takes bread and eats with his disciples. But what we remember is what happened to Jesus the next day.

The story of Jesus’ crucifixion.

So let’s remember the God of the Universe.

And let’s remember the Crucified Jesus. He didn’t give his life so that you and I would live a blue-pill life. He gave his life so we’d take the Red Pill and really live.

Communion and watch video.

ReJesus. This is your chance. For the rest of your lives, you will have to ReJesus the heck out of your life. But tonight, commit to it. We’re going to hand out scraps of paper and I want you to write how you are going to ReJesus your life. What are you going to do next? And during our worship time, we’re going to ask that you come over and lay those down up front. Say, Jesus, I’m ReJesusing. It’s time. I want the Red Pill. I want the life that matters. I want you.