Some people are just mean.

Not that I care at all about Synod Assemblies and the dominant hierarchal structural organizational beauracratic (on and on and ON — just look up INSTITUTIONAL!!!) stuff that goes on, but I’m pumped that at least we’re turning the corner on grace dispension. The Grand Canyon Assembly recently made a great vote in the direction of deciding that they weren’t going to play God anymore and decide what sort of grace they were going to dispense.

Back to my mean comment. People at this assembly (remember, mostly church people and pastors) made some ruthless comments towards homosexuals and individuals who support gays. Ruthless. I wasn’t there, but from what I heard it was an emotionally trying time. I’m trying to think of a time that Jesus just hurled insults at people for undeserved reasons. The people he usually got angry with were those who thought they knew it all. The people he got tired of were those who put other gods before the One God. He never just up and hurled insults at the humble and broken people.

Some people are mean. You know what I’m talking about. The people who never encourage, who never support, who always complain, who always want to dump crap on you. In coaching and youth ministry, I deal with people like this all the time. On and on, you just get the sense they want you to fail. The approach you arrogantly, they’ll complain and act like it is your fault, and then move on as if you weren’t a person. In my short time in youth ministry, I’ve dealt with many many people like this.

I keep asking myself, “What would Jesus do with these people?” Would he confront them? Or would he love them? What’s the answer? The answer is to remain faithful to God and let the Spirit lead in the direction He chooses. I pray constantly that the Spirit would lead me and I pray for those moments of anger. Sometimes I want to blow my top, but ultimately, the Spirit takes over and remains calm despite my anger.

Even though some people are mean, I pray that God will give me humility and that I would never be a mean or discouraging person to leaders above me.

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