Check the recent story of academic fraud. Robert Dozier, a former player at the University of Memphis, initially claimed to have scored a 1260 on his SAT. When he took a second time (after the fact that his PSAT placed him in the 4th percentile and a 1260 put him around the 78th), he scored a 720. 

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This doesn’t surprise me. The only thing that surprises me is that more people haven’t been caught. The world of major college sports is beyond ridiculous. Integrity and accountability are the last things on coaches, athletic directors, and players minds. Number one is winning and winning at all costs. This attitude permeates college sports like a viral infection. Once the higher ups have it, of course the players become infected.

I want to be a college baseball coach for this very reason. I’m tired of sports producing crappy people. I know lots of programs that combine winning with integrity, accountability, and life skills development. It’s possible. 

However, with programs like Memphis and coach’s like John Calipari, we’re seeing those issues take a major backburner to winning and fame. 

This story is a joke. Dozier, Calipari, and Memphis should face major bans and sanctions, but they won’t. It’s too…costly.