The Dream

The CLC Youth Mission states: Live the Way of Christ to Expand the Dream of God

What is the Dream? The Dream is God’s ultimate desire, plan, and idea for the way the world should operate. God chooses us to be His “Plan A” to expand this Dream. What’s so cool about this Dream is that it won’t remain just a figment of our dreams forever. While the Dream seems far out of reach and while we work diligently to expand this Dream, God promises that this Dream will become reality someday.

In the meantime, we get to experience tastes of the Dream here and now.

Last week, I saw the Dream expanding at CLC. 

On Thursday, over 20 kids stood courageously, overcame fear, and performed talents in front of the CLC Youth Family. The conquer and victory felt in overcoming fear — the Dream. 

I saw over 200 people come together to support each other, celebrate the year’s journey, contribute financially to the ministry (Thank you!), and applaud each other for a job well-done — the Dream.

On Saturday, over 45 kids partied all-night (literally) at a Lock-In at CLC. During the night, I saw 6th graders hang out with 12th graders, and 12th graders love those 6th graders. I saw kids dancing together, experiencing freedom to goof off and love life. Dancing, playing, partying — The Dream.

In the last few days, I’ve experienced an 8th grader explaining to me that he’s okay with the early and unexpected death of his cousin because he just KNOWS his cousin is in a better place — heaven. I’ve experienced a 10th grader overcome addiction for 8 straight weeks. I’ve experienced an 11th grader explaining his vision to impact the world someday. Kids wrestling with Scripture, courageously dealing with and healing old wounds, and reaching out to each other in love and compassion. The Dream is advancing…

Keep praying for open eyes, hearing ears, and soft hearts. I share these stories to “create readiness, to nudge others towards receptive insight.” (Matt 13:11). I pray that you too will join us in Expanding the Dream. Live the Way of Christ…

Personally, I read Chazown by Craig Groeschel. He challenged me to write out my own personal mission statement. Furthermore, I’ve been absorbing books like Go, Put Your Strengths to Work and Ordering Your Private World. God is really hammering home a point about living a focused and peaceful life. A few months ago, I think I equated focus with intensity and stress. However, this is not the way Jesus lived. Jesus lived a more impacting life than anyone in history and yet the dude was just at peace with the world and who he was. 

My personal mission statement: “I have a dream to mobilize large amounts of people to become passionate followers of the Wild Messiah, to unlock the dreams and potential in people, and to provide hope and justice through a missional life in desperate situations.” Furthermore, the second part of my mission statement is in line with the Youth at CLC: “To live the way of Christ to expand the Kingdom of God.”

In line with the above, I strongly encourage people to spend time analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. It is a total misperception that we should spend time developing our weaknesses. It is a total misperception that we will eventually change to become something we’re not. True, we can improve, but our strengths, who God created us to be, is set in stone. I’ve created three cards of strengths and three cards of weaknesses that each week I’m going to push harder and harder to move toward a majority of my strengths and away from these weaknesses. “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.” 

So I’m going to entitle the next phase of my life as “Faith in Action.” I’m going to move towards advancing the strengths and the things I care about most:

Here are my strengths and weakness statements:

I feel strong when I spend time with people who are either totally lost or actively seeking a better story for life (faith, God, goal-setting, teachable) and can take them to a higher place.

I feel strong when I dream big visions and actively set out to put a strategic plan in place.

I feel strong when I study, analyze, read, and write.

I feel strong when I can motivate and mobilize a large group of people to mission and making a difference.

I feel weak when I meet with lukewarm and below-average people.

I feel weak when I spend all day on task-related details.

I feel weak when growth and change aren’t the foremost concern.

In conclusion, I want to cover and undermine everything we do in the future of CLC in mission. No matter what we are doing, we are going to be pushing a cause and a difference maker.

May we submit to the Spirit’s guiding and may we seek to live for the betterment of others.