It’s Too Hard

Life is too hard. The burdens we carry are too heavy.

What do you say to someone who cuts themselves? What do you say to someone who wants life to be over? How do you explain that life is fair when one parent verbally abuses them and the other isn’t around at night? How do you bring hope to someone who has seen their relative commit suicide at age 16? Where is the glimmer of hope? 

We grow up with all these fantasies, don’t we? We grow up with all these dreams, all these ideas of the way life should be. Ya, we are born “sinners” and “human” but I think more importantly we inherently are born with a desire to dream and live a grand story. 

So many of these stories and dreams are CRUSHED. The kids I see, the ministry I’m involved in – life is NOT as they perhaps once dreamed. When is the last time some kids even thought about life beyond their abusive parents, their crappy school system, and the pain they feel inside? 

What do you say to them? How do WE carry those burdens? Every day, I’m confronted with “minor issues” that I either choose to give too much worth and time to or I let them get me down. But these kids are dealing with SO MUCH MORE than the minor crap we face every day. Broken homes, divorced parents, cutting, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, sexual promiscuity…

I want kids to know HOPE. The only HOPE I know is the one found in a life beyond this one. All else is “chasing the wind.” HOPE is found in the way Jesus lived. Period. 

But HOW – HOWWWW – DO I CARRY THIS? I can’t! It’s too painful. I find myself sleeping restlessly, praying frequently, and getting depressed. I want to cling to the cross of Christ and hope for a life beyond this one. I want kids to experience the freedom that a true life in Christ brings. HOW DO WE BRING THEM THAT HOPE?! 

Somehow Jesus lived while carrying this burden. As often as he healed and ministered, he also partied and chilled. Maybe I’m missing out on the latter. If we don’t balance those things, we can’t be healthy. During this time in life I’m realizing how vital it is to surround yourself with encouraging and optimistic people. I tend to take myself WAY too seriously. Although life’s issues are hard and the burden is heavy, I can’t save the world. Only God can.

I’m reminded of Jesus telling his followers that his yoke is easy and his burden is light, so let’s all stop trying to carry the pains of others and let God do the heavy work. When so many people seem to be uncaring about life outside of their little world, what are we supposed to do as leaders? My job is to inspire, empower, and give the boost to rockets (or blow them up, as I recently told my leadership team). However, I feel like a failure in this regard and too often spend time “doing it myself.” In order to make an impact, I must find a way to equip and multiply, not simply tell and add. 

All in all, I’m just feeling pain. Pain for these kids, most of all. The stories are so broken and in shambles. How do we be the glue that puts it back together? I bust my butt to just simply glue a small piece back and it seems to make no difference. But what else? What else can we do?! The pain is real and the burden is heavy, and yet I believe that God can carry it. 

May we all receive the yoke of Christ that allows us to be free. May these kids experience healing and the glorious nature of a beautiful story. May parents and adults step up and be the kind of human beings God intended. May we all come to realize that our only REAL hope is found in God and God alone.

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