Semper Reformanda


Always reforming

Always reforming



Semper Reformanda: “Always reforming.”

Martin Luther, one of the many church reformers who started the Protestant Reformation, founded many of his ideas on this principle — semper reformanda. Luther believed that the Church should always be re-examining its’ practices and theological beliefs. In fact, he believed this was a Biblical practice, to always be reforming, altering, refining the ways in which we seek to become the Church. 

Always reforming…

Martin Luther

Martin Luther

This skill was built into me at an early age. From as young as I can remember, my older brother Ryan would constantly be working with me to set goals, steps to achieve them, and ways to overcome adversity. He taught me the ability to examine and assess reality and find ways to improve and change. He taught me, through sports, faith, and life, the importance of reforming.

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates.

And yet, throughout my early years of life, I’ve learned a hard lesson: That people aren’t always blessed with the skill and ability to reform. You’ve heard it said many times, but it’s true: Change is hard! Countless books have been written on this subject. Leadership Class 101 will be on “change.”

But we need to listen hard to the prophetic truth laced throughout Scripture: Changing, reforming, is required of us. The Church suffers because of her inability to change. Tradition seeps into our pores like a fiber-class laden dip and exceeds the most important centrality of Jesus Christ. Improvement can’t occur without reforming.

Semper Reformanda.

Life has been busy and stressful lately and I’ve learned incredible amounts about who I am and what God has called me to be. Dr. Mark gave his message on Ash Wednesday about our destination during Lent. Although the Ash Wednesday service is super awkward, I found the message incredibly insightful! What is our destination? What journey do we want to go on? How do we want to reform, change, and improve?

For me, I decided I was going to soak myself in Truth every day. Too often, I find myself discouraged, exhausted, and down about minor things in life. For this Lent season, I’m going to wake up everyday and SOAK myself in Scripture, prayer, and quiet time. Not in a disciplined, need to get it done kind of way, but in a loving, relaxed, and peaceful awareness of Christ. 


So, here’s a quick bullet point summary of the last month:

** Moved into our home! Emily has done a sweet job of making it look awesome! I’m becoming aware of the time-consuming nature of being a homeowner (bills, weeds, grass, trash, water, fixing things, using my power drill). Thanks to Erin, Dad & Mom Mac, and Charlie & Tessa, we’ve moved much faster into moving in. 

** Went to Chris Tomlin Concert last night. So awesome! I’m becoming more aware of how important it is to give our CLC youth experiences like that! And also, I was amazed at how Spirit driven the whole night was. What I love about being a Christian is action. Tomlin said it best that our worship must have legs. We must take action in the world! That’s what separates my faith in Christ. It’s not selfish or personal. It’s for the World, for others, for the Kingdom, for justice, and for the least of these. They hit that message home!220px-christomlin

** Went to Pondo Winter Camp. The courageous kids who went were awesome! They loved it. God was everywhere. Got to meet some cool people including the worship guy Aaron Hofman. Check him out on myspace or facebook. Unreal musician. index_header1


** Did I mention we had 3 sets of visitors? So sweet to have Charlie & Tessa, Dad & Mom Mac, and Erin here! We all had a great time and I found the cheapest tables in Vegas at the big spinny wheel thing. You only need to bet 1 dollar at a time. Also, Erin and I hit it big in Roulette as she picked the first two numbers RIGHT! Big rollers…

** Getting into reading Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill in Seattle. I’m a little put off by SOME of his theology, but I love the guy. He’s tough. He’s not afraid to be real. He paints Jesus in awesome ways. Like I said, I don’t believe in ALL of his theology, but I don’t care. We’re on the same team and he’s sweet.

Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll



** Getting pumped for my fantasy baseball draft. One reason I believe in God so much is because of my friends. I’ve got some unbelievably great friends who love me no matter what. Most of my friends from college, Minnesota, and a few from high school are the best guys I’ve ever met. And now, God is providing some great people here in Vegas who we love a lot and they love us. Sorry to get off track…The reason I did was because the fantasy draft is in California and I’m driving the 4 hours just to be there in person!

** Learning to play slowpitch softball. My first game I was 1 for 6. 1 for 6 in slow pitch! Oh gosh. Was I actually good at baseball? I’m not sure…Oh gosh.

** Just had a Youth Ministry leader stop by. Such a great guy! People like him make life so much better. Very inspiring!

That’s all. Gotta get studied up for our Blue Like Jazz study on Sunday! 

God is real people. If you don’t believe it, read the chapter of Mark! The reason I believe in God so much (and not because of just the simple fact of looking outside and seeing Creation) is because of Jesus. The more I learn about Jesus, the more I love God. The more I figure out who Jesus is, the more I see how sweet life is. Seriously. Read up. I pray that God will give you fresh eyes to read about the greatest Revolutionary and Humanitarian of all-time! If you want your life to matter, read how Jesus lived!


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