Uniting Causes

Woke up thinking about what I want to be about and focus on: I desire to spend my energy and time promoting uniting causes – hunger & poverty reduction, AIDs/HIV awareness, suicide prevention, dream releasing, etc. – and not on issues that are generally divisive and ask that we DON’T do something – like abortion, moral issues, etc.

More on this to come…

The Worst Year EVER in a City


What is wrong with this beautiful city?

What is wrong with this beautiful city?



Someone please explain to me what is going on in Seattle sports in the last year:

Seattle Supersonics: Moved to Oklahoma. Goneson.

The Mariners: 61-101, 2nd worst record in baseball.

The Seahawks: 2-9, 4th worst in NFL.

UW Husky Football: 0-10. The worst.

UW Husky Basketball: 2-2, but got beat by lowly Portland, crushed by Kansas, and beat two hefty opponents in Cleveland State and Florida International. Nope. Not good this year.

And to take it a bit further…

WSU Football: 1-10

Starbucks: Closed 600 stores this year

Washington Mutual: Yep, no more…

What’s going on in Seattle? Emily and I are headed there tonight for Thanksgiving. I’m sorta worried about whatever curse is going on…What city can match this kind of demise?!